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Wine drunkenness over the rooftops
"Today the individual has become the highest form, and the greatest bane, of artistic creation. The smallest wound or pain of the ego is examined under a microscope as if it were of eternal importance. The artist considers his isolation, his subjectivity, his individualism almost holy. Thus we finally gather in one large pen, where we stand and bleat about our loneliness without listening to each other and without realizing that we are smothering each other to death. The individualists stare into each other’s eyes and yet deny each other’s existence. We walk in circles, so limited by our own anxieties that we can no longer distinguish between true and false, between the gangster’s whim and the purest ideal."

— Ingmar Bergman

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"I feel completely detached from any country, any group. I am a metaphysically displaced person…"

— Emil Cioran

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My boyfriend Angus and I spent the weekend in a cabin in the woods and it was so nice. Even though it’s still summer, it’s fairly chilly and that’s why we drank hot chocolate and read books in front of the fireplace on Friday evening. We initially planned to go swimming. Maybe next time. We went fishing on Saturday but felt sorry for the fish and threw them back in the water. I made fun of Angus’ Australian accent and said: ”No mate, wad weell wee eet fo deenaaa? We thru oll da fish een da woadaaaaa.” and Angus laughed and said to me: ”Look who’s talking. You sound like a Scandinavian farmer” and I tickled him and we nearly fell out of our boat and then Julia called but the reception was really bad. She sent a text message saying: ”I hid a picnic basket in Angus’ car as a surprise for you. Did you find it? Let me know if you like my home-made biscuits.” and I…

Voice: ”ALCOOLS.”
Me: ”Um, is that you, God? You exist? Cool.”
God: ”YES. Reality check. You’re not dating Angus Stone. You did not spend the weekend in a cabin in the woods.”

Oh :(

”Am I dating Johnny Flynn instead of Angus?”


Oh :( 

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